[En] The Pentagon Is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda

Note: If details of individual sightings do not interest you and you are quite content with a “Who knows” for now, please click here to find out what there is to say on psychological operations. Both of my “sightings” could be considered easy to dismiss, but what I am looking for is an explanation that is as complete as possible rather than ‘a way out’. They also help point out to ‘believers’ that two positions that would seem ‘opposite’ one to another are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

As details that were overlooked and undesirable denotations of some words have come to my attention, some relatively minor modifications have been brought to the text, and further ones (definitely not that many) may or may not come in the future. A number of other clarifications are also being added. The aim is absolutely nothing more than to maximize my descriptions’ accuracy and minimize the interpretation margin for readers. For now, only a humorous anecdote has been somewhat significantly altered. Other than the aforestated, the rest is simple reformulation for style’s sake. I believe I have done my best to account for the element of subjectivity in self-reporting (including so-called false memories).

Not to promulgate anything excessively suggestive to the reader, but I personally did have some brushes with the unexplained. I have rather neutral feelings towards them for the moment, so it is with no particular thrill that I am reporting them here.

In one of them, I was lazing about on our balcony at night, when I saw a luminous point travelling through the clear starry sky. I was used to seeing those as artificial satellites (or maybe debris), but just as an incoming airplane was about to cross this one’s trajectory, the object ‘turned off’, then ‘turned back on’ after the airplane got past it. I cannot remember how suddenly the turning off and on happened. I also could not tell you if the object stopped moving while ‘off’. Neither can I state with any confidence that there was an exact “security perimeter” for the switching ‘off’ and ‘on’. I have seen a number of such lights before and after, some of which fade ‘into the sky’ itself, but I have never seen one that disappears and then reappears except on this one occasion and in the quite specific fashion described. The sky was clear with no clouds. The only hypothesis I was able to come up with on the spot was an uncanny coincidence whereby some satellite or debris was rolling in space in such a manner that light stopped reflecting in my direction at that precise moment, but even this was not bulletproof as the object continued its movement without fading until it disappeared past our home’s façade. Indulging in the ‘intrigue’, I hurried up to our rooftop in order to examine it further; not even a blink all the way until it faded into the distance. One who does believe in these things, specifically in manmade UFOs, may remark that there is a military airport nearby, but neither the latter’s position nor the orientation of its airfield quite match the location and trajectory of the object in the sky, which at least should have been nearer to the earth when it was visibly rather above the atmosphere (and we are in Morocco, man). The same position problem remains for the second sighting. The main thing that goes against the ‘high technology’ thesis is that other than the switch-off/switch-on events, the object seemed no different than any artificial satellite in the trajectory it followed (this is by eye). But because I have no problem indulging in hypotheticals from time to time, I speculated as to whether it would not be possible for such spacecraft, whether alien- or man-made, if they truly existed, to use a strategy of camouflaging their movement as that of satellites so as not to immediately arouse suspicion. Not the most sophisticated hypothesis, but I figure it harmless to throw this out there. The other thing that goes against the UFO thesis, in case it needs to be pointed out, is that a vehicle moving above the atmosphere would not seem to need to dissimulate itself from an airplane a considerable distance below it. I would imagine that a ‘believer’ could object “But was it really above the atmosphere?”, and generally that one can treat the question in a number of ways, but in sum, the core problem I have with dismissing this sighting is the coincidence factor described above. The only other on-the-cards possibility that I have found on this list of ‘explanations’ for aerial sightings is hallucination.

The second sighting was even stranger, and for this will be easier to dismiss. This calls for as detailed an account as possible. It happened during the morning as I walked out of the bathroom and, deviating from habit, into the room with the same balcony, merely to check myself in a mirror positioned next to said balcony (maybe also to have a look outside). Through the exit to the balcony, over a stretch of horizon that could be seen between the neighbourhood’s buildings, I could distinguish an unusual, not that big and rather flat, pretty cloud-like object (not to call it a cloud outright) zooming/gliding through the sky while looking like it was very gradually descending towards the horizon line, where a forest outside the city lies. The scarlet colour of the morning could be seen ‘reflected’ on the object (if it was an actual object, then perhaps phenomena other than reflection or refraction were involved).

A photograph from around the spot I was standing at. The angle of the arrow of movement in relation to the horizon is a bit exaggerated so that you can see it. The way I remember it, the object actually looked as if it was slightly redressing its trajectory to horizontal towards the end and so the path was not rectilinear. Nonetheless, its movement looked like pure translation in the geometrical sense of the word; i.e. there was no change in the pitch angle and probably no rotation around any of the three axes. The orange rectangle is meant to be the mirror in its approximate position then. The direction of sight is southeast. A military airport is situated around 90° counterclockwise while its airfield is oriented along a northeast-southwest axis

As I was stepping outside to check it more intently, the object got behind a building but did not come out the other side while I was waiting for it (The sighting seemed so bizarre and unexpected that, far from even being frozen in place, I consciously tried to make sure). Not that I was exactly expecting to catch it again either, seeing as how it had an overall descending trajectory. The object looked rather vapourous, but was definitely not a normal cloud as it contrasted sharply with a cloud sheet of a different type beyond it and spanning part of the horizon. Neither did the object seem fast enough to be a meteor and even if it was, I would not be quite sure that it was one. I am positive that it did not leave any trail behind and that it moved, as it were, as a ‘unit’… by this I am not implying it was necessarily rigid. It looked like a shimmering strip of cloud (the shimmering seemed to be due to its movement as the light of the rising sun traversed it) or like a kind of drifting mirage, but do the latter exist? I did a personal search once and found nothing… I also have never had a hallucination (that I know of). The only thing that was out-of-place was that particular object, and nothing else in the environment. The same goes for my own internal mind state. I saw that ‘cloud’ much like I would have caught a car normally passing by; that is, the scene looked ‘abnormal in a normal fashion’ if that makes sense. I am very rarely drowsy when I wake up, and conceding that maybe I was even somewhat drowsy that morning definitely feels very much off. I do not take medication, this too seems relevant. I have never been and am unlikely to ever be interested in drugs or alcohol. On a (purely) funny note, I did chuckle while going back in as my brain tried to ‘half-rationalize’ the event as a glitch in the simulation or as an artificial cloud being hurrily concealed by Truman-Show-like personnel, surprised as they were by me breaking my daily routine!… Perhaps some details of this last thought came a little later. Otherwise, I know I am not a disinformer, so those who may have suspicions are urged to please refrain from any accusations unless they have the (nonexistant) proof… The field is truly treacherous, so having some ‘paranoia’ is not all that pathological.

The shimmering aspect may suggest a certain kind of ‘explanations’ under a technological origin paradigm, but I prefer to keep it here and maybe add that the object did not look quite like those we see in movies. If I were really forced to pick a term, I would choose neither “meteor” nor “mirage”; I would only somewhat reluctantly pick “cloud”. “Mirage” would not be all that far as a second, I think mostly because of the speed and the shimmering that apparently ‘resulted’ from it; i.e. the overall unusualness of the sight itself. Speaking of science fiction, it is worth noting that what has been dissected up to now has mainly to do with spatial characteristics, but there seems to be nothing preventing us from thinking of time (locally accelerated?), or maybe something else not necessarily rooted in physics. I am of course merely spitballing here so as not to restrict the thinking process to a particular category of explanations. By this I am not either mongering ‘movements’ of the “New Age” kind, which arouse in me little but extreme suspicion.

These two occurrences are on the “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” front. In case it helps rule out visual hallucination, the only abnormal ocular sightings that I have ever had are these two and none other. If I have ever had any hallucination of any other sensory type during my life up to now, then I have quite simply not noticed it. Moreover, it would seem curious to have visual hallucinations only of UFO-like UAPs and not, for example, of ghosts or some other “paranormal” or just ‘plain’ unusual phenomenon, even if they are in my case just two. I did have an interest in UFO reports since childhood, but I have also been an anti-sensationalist since childhood. On the other hand, it would certainly be interesting if, just like Marian and other apparitions are imputed to ‘convulsions of religious fervour’, UFO/UAP sightings turn out to be a product of the zeitgeist, which I have come to distrust all the way down from Darwinism up to what will be touched upon shortly (‘encounters’ of this and other types do not always stem from belief, according to scholars). They may also teach us something new about the workings of propaganda; more specifically propaganda in a globalized/“Americanized” world.

It may be of additional interest to note how, having now written of them on a “public” blog, my experiences feel as if somewhat more ‘reified’. In case the reader needs reassurance, I continue to maintain a certain distance with this sentiment, and not to dismiss the possibility of hallucination (big thanks to those preferring the most worrying ‘explanation’, by the way). In fact, I am currently getting interested in hallucination research (this 2020 paper, though not completely helpful, seems reasonable enough to link to for now), so perhaps I will be able to say more in the future. To be more exact, what I mean by ‘reification’ merely refers to the original sceptical stance that one has before such events: one tends to keep them in the back of their head, so to speak, which in turn has a way of confering upon those events an additional ‘unreal’ quality. Putting them in writing, conversely, dispels this effect. Simple as that. At any rate, the ideal remains that similar incidents ought best to be shared so that, possibly, better sense can be made of them. Unfortunately, the fear of stigma poses a challenge in this regard (this remains so even when basic laws of physics are defended). Perhaps my interrogations will find answers some day. I am not even asking for “sensational” ones. I would go on Reddit or some such to request assistance, but I am rather sceptical of the ability of such “platforms” do deal with this kind of issues. Neither do I trust individual doctors enough. Not to be insulting at all, but there is in general too much making up ‘answers’ as you go along once the topic gets a bit unusual… Whatever the ultimate answer is, there is a difference between happening to be ‘correct’ and being fairly correct because one has some grasp of said topic.

Apart from and despite all of that, I am not sceptical, but quite certain that the United States and other governments are engaged in perception management leveraging UFO, “free energy” and ET narratives. The information I have come across during my research on 9/11 led me to conclude that these narratives serve:

  • probably to cover for mishaps in the more or less routine transportation, manipulation and testing of military hardware (especially nuclear).
  • probably to tease out squandered spendings from adversaries including perhaps, I would add, by sidetracking their more ‘unconventionally thinking’ workforce elements.
  • certainly to promote or (pretend to) ‘undermine’, depending on target audiences, other desirable conspiracy narratives such as that presented by Dr. Judy Wood, some of her allies, and whomever their handlers are for 9/11.

One could also add the basic element of distraction of the people from more vital matters, it goes without saying.

Therefore, I already believe the UFO and “free energy” PsyOp to be multipronged, which means other potential aims may be taken into consideration as well. The issue of course remains proof. That said, it may as well be that ‘objectives’ of the NWO type are merely cover for more mundane ones such as the aforementioned (just like with Judy Wood’s ‘theory’ for 9/11). It should be noted that narratives of conspiracies of unjustifiedly gigantic proportions can help erect an image of an unbeatable adversary in the minds of world populations, which helps demoralize the target or push it to go into a ‘wacky’ tangent… In fact, things may be a bit more complicated than that, but I think the reader can see what I mean to convey.

I would also like to add a note on yet another method that may be used in such a ploy as is described in the article below, if it does exist. If you have not been sleeping under a rock like me, then you know that China has launched in 2018 the world’s first AI news anchor. Still a ways to get to something less clunky, but notable nonetheless. If the reader already has an idea of the role and instrumentality of media technology in faking ‘events’, I do not believe I need to explain the possibilities from there. Of course, good old classical methods could be more than enough.

« On Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a report about UFOs. Journalist Bill Whitaker interviewed several people from the military to discuss the allegation put forward by the Pentagon that there are ultra-advanced aircraft flying around the earth for unknown reasons.

You should of course watch it and draw your own conclusions about what is going on there, but there’s something about this that immediately pops out at me: all the footage is from the government and all of the people claiming to have seen the crafts are from the government.

I think it is now beyond any doubt that the government is pushing a fake alien agenda which is likely to start heating up quickly.

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Source: The Pentagon is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda, by Andrew Anglin – The Unz Review